This island has an uneven profile result of numerous volcanoes and parasitic cones covered by Palo Santo forest, these trees turn green during the rainy season, but for most of the year are leafless and grey.
Floreana was visited by pirates, corsairs, buccaneers and whalers during the XVII-VXIII century, the island was colonized in the 1800´, then between 1924 and 1932, inmigrants from Norway and Germany settled on the island.

Asilo de la Paz and Pirates Caves

this fresh water source is located in the highlands about 8 km from Puerto Velasco harbor. This site is little more than a hollowed out area in a cliff, where water seeps through cracks. It Is surrounded by Scalesia forest where the endemic tree finch and Galápagos flycatcher nest on.It is known about the existence of this place since 16O0´s.

La Loberia
Incredible landscape result of dark lava rocks covered by green Opuntias and the red sesuvium vegetation. There is a small sea lion colony, green sea turtles and rays. Hiking, snorkeling.